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Welome 2014!

I know, I know. It’s been 2014 for almost two weeks now. BUT they do say that late is always better then never. I am one of those oddly sentimental people {believe it or not} that always gets a little freaked out by one year coming to close & starting a new one. This may be tied to my deep deep fear of getting old. My birthday is in March, so I always feel like it rushes right up on me after New Years.

But 2014 comes with big promises ahead! My 24th birthday {OMG I’m turning 24, that sounds so much older than 23} is immediately {like 4 days immediately} followed by my wedding! Yikes! That, my friends, is in 60 days. SIXTY. Six zero. Okay, you get the idea. SOON. And it seems that my “to do list” gets longer everyday, instead of shorter as I check things off. Something is wrong with this picture. Eek! Not going to lie… somedays I don’t know which way is up. But it’s times like these when you learn who’s really there for you. I’ve called in every favor I have, and I am really truly a very fortunate girl {or am I a woman now that I’ll be… gulp…24? Nah, girl it is.} I probably have more life long friends than most people would have in three lifetimes. So maybe rolling into a new year isn’t so scary. At least I’m always in good company. 🙂

Perhaps the most intimidating part of welcoming a new year is saying goodbye to the previous one.

Zoey was a mere two months old when we greeted 2013, & Jace was a proud big brother. <3


Zoey learned to sit…


 & to crawl…


& never hold still, resulting in blurry photos. 😉IMG_1673

& walk… :’)

IMG_1673All before she even turned ONE.

34Jace was potty trained by summertime…


Check the underoo’s! 😉

He discovered his artistic side.


And the love for Thomas the Train toys continues. And seriously… Thomas train sets and accessories are SO expensive! Why couldn’t he like hot wheels or something?!


I started my blog in 2013 & bought a MacBook. I like to think that I even learned how to use it…

IMG_0268WordPress virtually swallowed my blog up over the summer, resulting in some lost posts and lots of lost pictures. But I also sort of got a fresh start here too.  Which is why, when you check out my old posts none of the photos work! It would have taken me forever to put them all back up. Maybe someday I’ll have some free time.

I discovered a deep love for retail miracle that is Ikea, and shared my thoughts here. I also kind of became a sucker for lipstick. & I actually haven’t even decided if I can pull it off or not yet… but it’s looking like I don’t care either way. Haha. 😛


IMG_2116 NotHubby & I finally took the plunge after 3 years of being engaged, and actually decided to plan the wedding. This put my House of Rinehart page on hold… but eh, I’ll get there. 😉

NOW my bridal shower & bachelorette parties are upon us, and my mom, grandma, & BFF  get to plan those FOR me {huge sigh of relief} so I’m MEGA excited!!! Like I said… 2014 has some big shoes to fill, but I think it just might raise the bar even higher for next year.


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