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Long Time No See!

Remember when I said in like September that the holidays were right around the corner… and you though that I was crazy because “come on, it’s only September…” Well now that the past 4 months just absolutely FLEW by, you’re thinking that I was right aren’t you? 😉

We did Christmas Eve at our house this year, which was a new experience for me. Honestly, I prefer it to making 2 & 3 stops every holiday. My house isn’t the biggest… but the holidays are for good for getting close (like 5 people to couch, & can’t walk around the table) to your family members again… right??? 😉 My family & friends showered my children with gifts, as per the usual. I truly am a lucky girl, I promise that I know it. <3

Well I hope everyone had a great holiday, and will be able to look back at 2013 with happy memories. For me personally, 2013 was a blur. I brought in 2013 with a 2 month & 2 year old, and therefore very little sleep. Here’s to hoping that 2014 comes with some more of that stuff. 😛

2014 has made me some big promises already though… so I’m pretty exited about it. As of TODAY there are 75 days until my wedding. Panicking, you say? Why yes, I do sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep & wonder if my time at 3am would be better spent designing my invitations… Yes, panicking.

Also, Jace has decided in his old age, to revert back to his new born sleeping patterns and wake me up at least twice a night. Usually I roll over to find him standing over me with his big blue eyes in my face. I wonder how long he stands there before I wake up? Any suggestions to remedy this? Because it IS exhausting… & let’s be real here… a tiny bit creepy.

For the first time IN MY LIFE, I am relieved to take down the Christmas tree this year. I may have mentioned a time or 2, that little Miss Zoey quite enjoys playing Choking Hazard Detective, in which she tracks down ANY teeny tiny speck of choke-able matter, that her dad & I may have missed & quickly stuffs it her mouth. I am convinced that she enjoys watching me fish things out of her mouth.

You may recall that my son was bald around his birthday. As a result I pushed back their birthday photos until his hair reached an acceptable length again. So we got them a few weeks ago from Michelle Davis. Here a few for you to check out. 🙂



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