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I stuffed my daughter in a pumpkin…& a bit of Wedding news.

So… Pinterest strikes again. I may or may not have stuffed Zoey INSIDE of a pumpkin. In my defense, it was a very LARGE pumpkin. And she was fine, really. And I didn’t even have to clean up afterwards. Nope. Oakley took care of all that. Turns out he likes the flavor of pumpkin as much as I do. Or maybe he likes it more. I wouldn’t eat a whole pumpkin, raw, ever. 


 She actually really liked it. She sat in there, happy as a clam for a good hour. Yes, that it a spoon she’s holding. You see… we’re in the thick of the teething phase, and for some reason baby spoons have become her coping mechanism. Whatever works. Today she had a 102 degree temp. & I have been waking her up every couple of house juuuuust to make sure the baby Tylenol is doing it’s stuff.

Ohhhhh right. Back to the babies & the pumpkins…


Zo&Jpumpkin JacePumpkin

Zo&Jpumkpin2 IMG_2785 Zo&Jpumpkin3 butterflyZo

IMG_2887 vampiremommy

Not gonna lie… I was pretty psyched when I found these babies in Jace’s candy bucket. These are JUST as awesome as an adult as they were when I was little. Vampire Mommy. Yikes.

In other news…. We have OFFICIALLY set a date! AND picked a venue. If you follow my Instagram, I may have mentioned that it was the most beautiful place in the running, so it takes the cake, obvi. & I officially have 8 GAZILLION thing to get done. It’s pretty much consumed my Pinterest lately (sorry, not sorry.) & that probably won’t be changing any time soon. But yeah… wedding…officially in the making. Stay tuned. 😉


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