Howl O Scream & Wedding Planning

Consider me determined to plan my wedding. I don’t know what caused this sudden desire to get this thing done, but I am hell bent none the less. I guess it just occurred to me that this Christmas will be THREE YEARS since we got engaged. Yikes. Yeah, the pretty ring has officially bought Josh enough time, time to get this knot tied. Not that our daily lives will be affected at all. We do things a little backwards around here; House? check. Baby? check. Dog? Check. Another baby? Yep. Wait didn’t we miss a step here… marriage? In progress. Whoops. 😉

Not gonna lie though… checking out places to potentially host a wedding is pretty fun. The price tags aren’t as much fun to look at… but they never are, right?



Jace thoroughly enjoyed scoping the place out. Mixon definitely has the ring-barers seal of approval. & Miss Zo just looks so adorable you could eat her, wherever you bring her. 😉





Anywhoo, enough about that. Josh & I enjoyed an entire night together, without the kids, on  Saturday night. This happens pretty much… never. Seriously. We both kept glancing at the back seat of the car to check on the kids… that weren’t there. Ha! They went on an early trick or treating adventure with Grandma & Papa. Needless to say… I don’t think they missed us too terribly. 😉

Howl-o-Scream was fun. But the lighting was terrible. So you’ll have to excuse my iPhone & it’s make-your-skin-look-like-you-have-the-plague flash.




It literally took me an entire day to recuperate from not getting home until 4am. Not to mention, Josh was too tired so I had to drive his car home. & I can drive stick {ahem…mostly.} SO that was interesting.

& apparently, babies don’t care when you’re out until 4am though, because they still got up at 7:30 in the morning. I took two naps before work on Sunday, grand totaling about 6 hours of sleep. Good thing having babies gets your brain all good and used to functioning on minimal amounts of sleep. So no worries…


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