Hello October…

I have been busy this past week! My kids have been adding an extra shot of crazy to their breakfast in the mornings. Or whatever it is that they do. Zoey is walking like crazy. Jace is… well Jace is turning three. Which is almost as crazy as the fact that Zoey is walking. Whoa……
Actually Jace & I just talked… & we decided that we’re going to put off the whole him turning three thing. Indefinitely. When I got off work tonight & Jace heard me & came running out of his room in his little footie jammies & said “Mommy! I miss you!” To which I responded with “Can’t you just stay two forever?” He laid his head on my shoulder and said “Mmmhm.” Well that’s settled then, Jace will stay a couple weeks shy of three forever. 


I might add that I would also be perfectly okay with little Miss Zoey staying 11 months old as well. The whole learning to walk, clapping when she’s proud of herself, & pointing at things that interest her phase is endlessly adorable.


But that would be a real shame because then I wouldn’t get to throw their super awesome birthday parties in the next few weeks. & This super adorable invitation that I made would have been for nothing…


Yes, their birthdays are two saturdays apart. Yes, I realize that that is going to be slightly chaotic. But hey, I have two kids under three {for a few more weeks}… I thrive on chaos.

In other news Josh & I are going to Busch Garden’s Hollow-Scream with some friends this weekend. HURRAY! For grown up time! Which let me tell you… is hard to come by. But let me tell you that grown up time with OTHER grown ups… I may very well not be able to make it through the night without wiping one of my friends noses, or asking them if they need some juice.

I added a little more fall to my house this week. I added the cute little shelf in my entryway to my Welcome Home page. 🙂 It’s nothing too crazy but  I thought it was pretty cute.


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