Mildly Embarrassing & Overtired Post


Today I went shopping. {Shocking… I know.} BUT in my defense, since having babies, clothes shopping for myself has NOT been the source of enjoyment that it once was. There ARE woman that can rock their post baby bods, & there are women that don’t even suffer a post baby bod – post baby. If you’re one of these women, I’m happy for you, really. Just don’t stand too close to me, because me & my breastfeeding cravings might just eat you. 😛 I am not one of these marvelously lucky ladies. Every pound shed since last November has been hard earned, & every extra calorie paid for in full. Therefore, my clothes shopping with my NotSister-in-Law today was blog worthy. 😉
I am one of those people that has a closet stock full of clothes that don’t fit anymore, because I refuse to accept that they probably won’t ever fit me again. I’m pretty sure that growing two humans in my belly has done things to these hips that they will never come back from, if ya know what I’m sayin’. BUT I have been working on losing the weight, & while I am not where I want to be, there is progress & I felt that was worthy of some new seasonally appropriate outfits. Yes, my autumn obsession has officially spilled from home decor, to crafts, to closet. Watch out, it’s contagious. 😉

Speaking of seasons… I was raised in northern Illinois. We live in Florida people, sandals are appropriate at all times of the year. I do not own a pair of boots. I can’t help but giggle when I see girls with their Uggs on because it’s 69 degrees outside. I am no fashionista, but I truly think that we only get about 20 days a year when boots might be suitable attire.

I also got new glasses the other day! 8) Which is extra exciting because the old ones were from about 2 prescriptions ago. My prescription became stronger with each child. So I guess I should be thankful that while my children caused me to gain so much weight, they at least had the decency to make me blind enough not to notice. 😉

Zoey is really mastering her walking skills these days. She’ll be running in no time. Which I believe will be a potential work out in itself. She is basically a choking hazard detective. Jace has decided the sleeping is no longer his thing. I slept a grand total of 3 hours last night. Because he thought that between 2 & 6am would be a good time to party. I was not amused.

Eating, has also never been Jace’s thing. Since I was recently asked by a another member of the I-have-a-terribly-picky-eater-for-a-toddler club, what I do to get Jace to eat, I have started compiling a menu of some of Jace’s staple foods to share. I have been entrenched in the picky eater battle for a good 2 years now, so I have some tricks up my sleeve.


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