I Have Paste Eaters…



This is a little bit of what my evening off from work looked like last night. 🙂 Ahhhh... there are moments (though small and infrequent may they be…) when both of your kids are actually well behaved and content simultaneously. THESE are great moments. Although, you usually have to pay for them a few minutes later. 😉

Please excuse Zoey’s “I must-eat-all-things” expression and her lack of bow (for these have recently become choking hazards as well. -_- ) I really do feed her, I promise. She’s just one of those kids. I always thought Jace would be my paste eater…now I’m not so sure. OR if any parent was going to be blessed with TWO glue eaters, you know it would be me.

I mean, yesterday I was at TJ Maxx and I seriously considered buying this pretty burlappy table runner. Then I just laughed at myself when I though of all the ways Jace would punish me for buying a table runner. Ha. Our table is no place for a fancy shmancy table runner. I’ll add that to the long list of things to buy in 10 years.

I also bought this wall shelf that was on clearance for $7. I was super excited. Then today I pull it out of the box… and it’s hot pink! I guess that’s what I get for not reading the box completely. So I’ll either be painting that… or Zoey has got herself a fancy new wall shelf. 😉

Jace had fun with Miss Emily again last Tuesday. They were diggin’ the sandbox that day. I was pretty excited myself, since Josh hates sand so much… that he actually vacuumed the house. 😉

JsandmonsterJace&EmsandboxT hen of course we did some tot crafts as always. Emily is a BIG fan of painting. While Jace prefers the button & ribbon gluing action… WHICH brings me back to my original point about the paste eating. 😉


Zoey is still hard at work mastering her walking skills. & Jace has officially not worn a diaper in about 2 weeks! This includes nap time and bed time. Can I get a “HURRAY!!!!” for having only ONE babe in diapers?!!?!?!!!! I am not crazy… I promise. This IS exciting stuff. 😛


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