Gotta Do Whatcha Gotta Do…


So, I don’t know about my fellow mothers… but I pretty much never get the things I had planned to get done, on my days off…done. I usually find; that scrubbing a dirty toilet BEFORE work, is no more appealing when it isn’t followed by work. Who’d have thought, right?

Honestly, I very well may be LESS productive on my days off of work. It’s as if my couch is a little bit more comfortable those days, ya know? In my defense I did vacuum today. Before which I had to assign Jace the torturous task of picking up his toys, which is apparently some kind of parental terrorism. I mean, Mr. Dinosaur did absolutely nothing to deserve being put in the toy basket… I am a monster. 

Also, Jace is petrified of the vacuum. I have no idea why, but he literally runs from the room screaming if it gets too close. And God forbid the vent on the front blow some warm air at him… you’d think the floor in front of him had split open to reveal the hot fiery pits of hell breathing on him instead. This kid, I tell ya. 

Zoey on the other hand, rather likes the vacuum. As she does most things with cords, wires, sharp objects, or anything else that she’s not allowed to touch. She follows me around and often finds herself sitting on top of one part of the cord, so that it nearly detaches from the vacuum while I am mid-stroke. In which case she usually ends up on my hip. & let me tell you, vacuuming one handed is harder than it sounds! & a secret talent of mine, my friends. I am considering adding it to the multi-tasking section of my resume. Right next to; driving while fishing in the backseat for a dropped sippy cup & brushing my teeth while doing the dishes.

Hey, you gotta do, whatcha gotta do. 😉



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