How I made my Photo Canvas


On my fancy shmancy photo wall I have a canvas, with a “printable” on it. It’s a quote made all pretty with graphics and colors. It’s a quote from my one of my favorite fictional characters of all time {Dumbledore, of course! 😉 } But my Sister-in-law-to-be asked me to show her how I made it… so instead of sending her a REALLY long text message, I figured I would post it here. & since photo canvases are really expensive, and my method cost about $15 {depending on how much of the crafty stuff you already have,} I’ll consider this sharing the wealth. You’re welcome. 😛


1. Printable or photo on PHOTO PAPER
2. Canvas
3. Mod Podge
4. Scissors
5. Scrapbook paper
6. Paintbrush ({ like the sponge tip ones}

strippy collage

Cut your scrap book paper in to strips and your photo a little bit smaller than the size of your canvas. Mod Podge the strips and cover the sides of the canvas. Then cover the top side of the strips in Mod Podge also. Mod Podge is awesome, so it will go on looking white and gluey but dry completely clear.




Load the canvas up with Mod Podge and place the photo paper where you want it. Then, coat the entire paper with Mod Podge. The photo paper is thick enough to not tear when it’s completely saturated in the Mod Podge. Try to keep the picture as flat and bubble-less as possible. Honestly, I haven’t quite mastered the bubble elimination process yet… I always have some bubbles. If you figure it out… let me know. -_-
Let the first layer dry for an hour or so, then go back and coat it again. The first layer I like to do vertical strokes with the brush, and the second time I do horizontal {or vice versa} so that when it dries, it has the texture of a canvas!

paintborderThen, I added a little paint where the white part of the canvas was visible or where the papers met. I used a dish sponge. A paint brush would probably work just fine too though.

AAAAAAND TA-DA! A cheap-skate’s photo canvas. 😀







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