Birds of a feather…


As Zoey’s personality blooms more each day, I can’t help but to be completely baffled by how different she is from her brother. It’s strange to me that 2 people with genes from the same parents can behave so differently! Really makes me think on that whole “nature vs nurture” paradox. Jace was the epitome of an “easy baby.” He didn’t care who held him, fed him, watched him; where they did it, or when. He slept through the night when he was 4 months old & was not too terrible to watch over once he was mobile.

*side note: THIS aforementioned “angel Jace” all occurred BEFORE his second birthday. The “terrible two’s” are REAL, people.

Zoey on the other hand {or 3 or 4 hands,} was given to me to remind me, that babies can and WILL find any teeny tiny piece of ANYTHING, & try to choke themselves with it. Be that a piece of lint that she pulled off of my clothes, or one of Jace’s ENTIRE hotdogs that she snatched off the side table. Apparently IF you suck hard enough on a hot dog it WILL break apart in your little 9 month old mouth. GAH! This girl cannot sit on a towel at the beach without shoveling handfulls of mini seashells into her mouth hole.


 And she doesn’t like anyone. Besides me, with the boobs. & honestly, some days I’m not even sure she really likes me – but rather just the boobs. 😉 Seriously, her grandma found her borderline offensive for a while.

On the flip side, now that Jace is approaching 3 {I will schedule a blog post panic attack about THAT at a later date} he sometimes morphs into this monster child that I don’t recognize. Today was Zoey’s 9 month well check at the doctors office, & I DON’T KNOW what it is about the doctor’s office but Jace always chooses THIS location for his meltdowns. & I mean like, snot running everywhere, squealing, rolling around on the nasty floor, meltdown. I’m pretty sure they all cringe a little but when we walk in the door there. He doesn’t do it anywhere but there, as soon as we hit the door – I become the mother of a  deaf, disobedient, leaky booger demon. &&& then we get in the care to leave & he’s sweet as pie again. -_- 

jace812 I promise to write more about the sparkles & rainbows of motherhood next time. Because like I said, today was a shots & boogers kind of day – and motherhood comes with it’s fair share of those days too. 😉

On a lighter note, I gave Zoey her first ponytail ever today.



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