On Biting Off More Than I Can Chew…


This week I became for the first time a working, housewife-ing {usually more work than actual work so YES it counts,!} student mother of two. Gasp. But no, seriously GASP. I had {up until six months ago} become a perfectly organized mess. And I do mean that in a good way. I had Jace, work, school, home life, all down to a; shuffling for spare time, laundry only piling half way up, homework after bedtime tee. Everything that was important got done, everything else – eh, maybe a little sloppier than sayyyy my mother-in-law’s house {you know I love you (; } but I had this!!!

BUT now, I have added an extra little body to the mix! And another not-so-little pile of laundry! What is that about anyway? Babies make SO much darn laundry! {Are you catching on that laundry is SO not my favorite chore?} Anyways… I have a always had a bad habit of taking on more things than I could handle. Like I said, everything usually gets done, but just not as well as I could have done it with say – a more average sized serving on my plate!

Going from one child to two was quite the scare for me. Just ask anyone who knew me during my second pregnancy – I was terrified to have two kids. Being as deeply in love with my son as I am, I was super afraid of how having to share my time would affect him. Being as big a momma’s boy as he is, everyone who knew him thought him & I were in for a shocker as well. BUT I AM HERE TO TELL YOU that adding Zoey to our little pot o’beans was nowhere near as life altering as having your first baby is!!! Huge sigh of relief. Jace transitioned into Big Brother mode better then anyone foresaw too. TWO points for us!

So throwing in a few college classes shouldn’t throw us for too big a loop, right? RIGHT?!
It will be interesting to see how I manage this time around {orrrr maybe I mean how little sleep I can function on?} Hmm…Priorities! Maybe hubby-to-be will be picking up a couple folding shifts? 

Well, get the Lightening McQueen undies out, this Mama is in for a bumpy ride!


AND YOU DEFINITELY need to check out my “Welcome Home!” page. I told you I would get around to it! 😀 Granted, there isn’t too much going on on there yet but we are hard at work on my master bathroom so that I can put it up! Also, turns out that I am more handy than Josh ever was! {Apparently screwdrivers can get pretty confusing? HA!}


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