I’m Back!

Sorry for the little hiatus, last Thursday my mom, sister, Zo Girl, and I took a short trip to Chicago.

PicMonkey Collage  071 I loooove the city.

Josh & Jace stayed home and had a boys weekend {which consisted mostly of just hangin’ at the “bachelor pad” wearing their underwear, & eating not-mom-approved-food!}

Now, traveling with an infant definitely kicks the difficulty level of traveling up a few notches {think doing a jigsaw puzzle with your eyes closed.} No, I am not kidding. First of all the stroller becomes more of a nuisance than anything, considering you have to stuff it through the x-ray machine {think a Honda Civic giving birth to a Cadillac.} Meanwhile, I am now holding my child while attempting to take my shoes on & off and get my purse & carry-on sorted out and through the x-ray machine as well, which probably looked something like a cross between Alan from The Hangover and Michael Jackson dangling his baby over a balcony, all while trying not to spill my Starbucks.
Speaking of Starbucks I would like to commend O’Hare International Airport for having more Starbucks shops than I have ever seen. There is literally one around every corner. Being the perpetually exhausted mother that I am, I am starting to think that heaven may look a little something like O’Hare. I consumed FOUR coffees last Thursday, one of which had FOUR shots of espresso. Like I said, traveling with babies is HARD!

048e                                       But Zoey & I make it look good. 😉

There is good news though! While we were there….IT SNOWED!!!! And when it started I made a face that looked like this…

074            Looooks a little something like a badger, whatever.


My family took an ENTIRE vacation to Illinois in January thinking that there would FOR SURE be snow in Chicago in January – and we saw not one single snowflake. I take a spur of the moment trip at the end of April, and it snows…WTH. But anyways… my sister and I were SO EXCITED.

112 089 

101 092 108

Yeah, she had never seen it snow. I guess that made laying down in  nothing but her orange leggings seem like a good idea?

I suppose the rest of this post will be well used as a quick photo dump:



053                            047


072082059  065 089093


118    151  128


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