A Little Game Of…


Now, if you mama’s are anything like me {& I’m 90% sure some of you are} your diaper bag becomes just a little bit more than a bag for carrying diapers. It’s more like a purse/toy box/catch-all for life’s random stuff.

Side Note: Isn’t my Vera Bradley diaper bag just the CUTEST?! It was my Christmas present last year!!! >_<   I love.

So today I’ll give you guys a little tour of what’s in MY diaper bag…


I think it’s safe to start with the obvious; The Necessities. This would include some of my bag’s less shocking contents i.e. diapers, wipes, sippy cup, sunscreen {you never know when you’ll need this thanks to FL’s scorching cancer rays,} & other duh, this crazy chicks got 2 kids under the age of 3 items.


Now really, why would I carry 2 different bags around? I don’t know about you, but my latest Coach bag has been on vaca since Zoey made her debut last November. Remember, I have as many tiny human’s as I have arms so I’m lucky if I can remember to bring my head somewhere. So here is a list of things that are probably better suited for my purse, but made it into my diaper bag anyway…
Car keys, pens, 3 single dollar bills {holla!,} cough drops, 3 DIFFERENT chap sticks {honestly, I didn’t even know ANY of them were in there until today,} iPhone5 headphones {that I can’t for the life of me get rolled back up into that nifty little box they came in – so in the diaper bag they shall stay!,} a necklace that I forgot at my Grandma’s for 2 months{she returned it when I brought the kids over last week,} AND my golden find of the day Josh’s Oakley sunglasses that he’s been complaining he’d lost for the last couple of weeks!










Maybe this falls into the “crazy chick with 2 babies” category? I don’t know. But I rarely go anywhere without something for Zoey to chew up & some spare trains for Jace. Yes, I do realize that trains are in fact toys, but if you knew my son you would understand why they deserve a category of their own.


&& last but not least! The random pile of junk that inevitably piles up at the bottom of most of my bags my diaper bag. Random receipts, coupons, old plane tickets, pieces of broken Chik-fil-a toys?, Delta Airlines cookies, and wrappers. Oh, and an old smashed granola bar that Jace never got around to eating.

Then, there is of course the list of items that migrate in & out of the diaper bag, like my make up bag, spare clothes for the kids, or my wallet/other purse contents. But lucky for you, those things weren’t in there today. 😉

So fellow mommies, am I crazy or does this happen to you too?!


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