Round 2!

I’m back for round 2 of novice blogging. Yay! It’s been a busy few days in my household. The kids still weren’t feeling 100%, so tonight I brought them in to see a doctor. Turns out, they both have ear infections and Jace even has a touch of pneumonia. WHAT?! How the heck does a 2 year old even get pneumonia?! And WTH do they mean by “a touch?!” Can you sense my oncoming panic? But, they assured me that everything would be fine, and that all they needed was some antibiotics. I guess pneumonia sounds a lot scarier than it is? Maybe it has something to do with that silent “p.” 

In other news, Josh and I upgraded to the iPhone5 today! Woot! My 4 was seriously on it’s last leg, so this upgrade came just in the nick of time. It has been quite an annoying task to sort out and re-categorize my 50(ish) apps, but I guess I’ll have to get over it. The new screen is awfully pretty and it’s speed is impressive. Yay! I probably drove the employees at the store nuts while I stood and debated whether I should get it in white or black {like I was deciding which arm to chop off.} Ohhhh well. I decided on white again, anyway. >_<

AND finally! I am almost finished making a mobile for Zoey’s room! I know it seems a little late but honestly she’s pretty much just started sleeping in there anyway. I had originally planned to purchase one on Etsy.
estymobile      etsymobile2

BUT these babies come with price tags in the $70.00 – $100.00 range. Pssssht! I can do that! Well at least I think I can. Yikes. I will post some pictures tomorrow after I add the finishing touches. Perhaps my needing to finish in order to post pictures can be my last fleeting attempt at avoiding cleaning my house that needs some SERIOUS attention?


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