Blogging Debut!!!

I will start with announcing that I am an amateur in all things blogging, so bear with me here. I plan to use this blog, mostly, to brag about my freakishly adorable kids. I will probably incorporate some whining, photos, and chit chat just to keep things interesting. (;

In other news, I experienced a mommy-hood first today: both of my kids were sick, WHICH is extremely more difficult that dealing with onlyone sick child! You know, people often say “as soon as one stopped crying the other one started” with such a  casual means of exaggeration that one might not understand what it’s like when this  isliterally what  is happening! I spent a large chunk of my day huddled on the couch cowering in fear that the noise of my fingers on my iPhone screen were enough to wake one of them. Bleh. Luckily, I think it was just a couple mild fevers. Jace seemed to be feeling much better by late afternoon and Zoey seems to be getting back to her normal snugly temperature.

Also, we took a family trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa on Sunday with my mom, brother, and sister. I took enough pictures that all five {yes five, count ‘em} of our phones died. Oops. So here are a few…

20130407_142057 20130407_141239

image (6)      image (3) 

image (4)     image (7)

image (5)      image (2)

image            image (1)

image (1)      20130407_140213


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